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    MabCure Incorporated - Stock Symbol: (MBCI.OB)


    Visit Company Website: http://www.mabcure.com






We have a new pick for everyone to research this weekend that is way ahead of its time! I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween but consider this your treat because I believe it is the next pick on our list that is poised to become new big winner for us in 2009!

 The company I am referring to is MabCure Inc. trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board under ticker symbol MBCI. MBCI closed on Friday at $1.07 and is a very liquid issue trading an average daily volume of over 476k in volume.

 I have been on the lookout for a pick like MBCI for over 6 months! Do you know why? Do you remember DNDN? Well DNDN was one of the biggest biopharmaceutical plays in the market this year! DNDN engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutics to enhance cancer treatment options for patients. The company's product portfolio includes active cellular immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody, and small molecule product candidates to treat various cancers. DNDN made a spectacular run from about $2.55 to as high as $30.42 in less than 6 months for an astronomical gain of 1,092% making it one of the most remarkable TEN BAGGERS we have seen this year!

 After spending months of researching looking for what possibly could become the next DNDN we finally found it and it's MBCI!

 Do not waste any time and start researching MBCI RIGHT NOW!

 In spite of major advances over the past 20 years, cancer remains one of the most deadly diseases with unimpressive "cure" rates. The billions of dollars spent over the past few decades have led to only modest gains in the fight against cancer.  Effective treatment of most cancers is limited by the toxic effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or antibody-based drugs which are not cancer-specific. There is a clear need for developing a new strategy against incurable cancers.  One possible approach is to develop means for more effective diagnosis of early stage cancer; the other is to create more potent and specific drugs against advanced cancer.




MBCI is a biotechnology company whose vision is to change the perception of cancer as a largely incurable disease. MBCI's primary mission is to develop novel diagnostics for the early detection of cancer when the disease is still localized and treatable, and where the chances for cure are greater than 90 percent!

 I would like everyone to watch this video of MBCI's CEO talk about the Company- http://www.mabcure.com/about_video.html 

 Most ?killer? cancers such as ovarian, colorectal, breast, lung, and prostate carcinomas owe their lethality to late diagnosis when the disease has already spread beyond its original site. 
According to the American Cancer Society, most patients have more than a 90% chance of 5-year survival when cancer is detected early. The only example of an effective early detection test is the PAP smear which has brought about a significant reduction in cervical cancer morbidity and mortality. However, similar methods for screening and diagnosing most cancers in their early stage remain elusive.

 MBCI is a company whose vision is to change the perception of cancer as a largely incurable disease. MabCure's scientists believe that the key to early detection of cancer by antibodies lies in their ability to identify putative tumor markers or tumor-specific antigens (TSA), present on the surface of these cells. Using its proprietary technology, MBCI has created unique and highly specific Mabs against several cancers (e.g. ovarian and prostate carcinomas) which could potentially identify these diseases in their earliest stage! The development of unique and highly specific diagnostic tests could lead to far earlier diagnoses than has ever been possible which, in turn, will bring curing cancers closer to clinical reality.

 Beyond the initial focus on developing diagnostic tests, MBCI's strategic plan calls for the application of its proprietary cancer-specific Mabs in three additional areas:

  1. The imaging of cancer
  2. Immunotherapy of cancer
  3. Discovery of novel cancer markers (tumor specific antigens), which can lead to the development of potent anti-cancer drugs.

In summary, MBCI's first goal is the development of simple diagnostic tests for the early detection of ovarian, prostate, colorectal and breast carcinomas. Each test will be based upon specific Mabs against a given cancer which should be able to detect unique cancer markers in the blood, urine or other body fluids. Identifying the presence of disease before it disseminates beyond its original site should lead to a 90% cure rate of these cancer patients.

Let me tell you a little about their technology. MBCI is a biotechnology company using a "re-engineered" Hybridoma methodology to create monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) for the detection of cancer at an early stage, where the cure rates are greater than 90%. MBCI has already generated highly specific Mabs against three human malignancies: melanoma, ovarian, and prostate cancers!

Unlike all other commercially available "anti-cancer" antibodies, MabCures Mabs uniquely target only cancer cells. These Mabs will first serve for the detection of early stage cancers and later as candidates for cancer imaging and for the development of cancer-specific drugs devoid of toxicity.

 There are no blood tests or useful imaging methods that can adequately and routinely detect most types of cancers when they are at their earliest and most curable stage. MBCI has the answer to this problem!

 Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are one of the most useful biomolecules ever discovered!

 From my understanding, this all comes about by taking a piece of the persons cancer and then they clone it and form antibodies against the cancer to help the body "recognize" the cancer and fight the diseased cells. They then inject the antibodies and this in theory then gives the body a chance to kill the cancer cells using its own immune system. This has started to become a HUGE breakthrough and story across the world and MBCI is position perfectly to capitalize on it!

 The challenge of producing antibodies against specific cancer antigens has eluded scientists for many decades.  Modern technologies for designing antibodies against a known disease require both the identification and availability of the antigens which characterize the disease. The putative tumor-specific antigens (TSA), presumed to exist on cancer cells, have eluded identification, thus making the generation of antibodies against them through current technologies virtually impossible.

 Classic Hybridoma technology is based on the generation of immortal hybrid cells (hybridoma), which follows the fusion of antibody-producing B-cells with myeloma tumor cells. Each hybridoma continuously manufactures a single type of (monoclonal) antibody. MBCI has "re-engineered" the classic hybridoma technology into a highly efficient and optimized one, overcoming the inherent limitations of the former, yet exploits its benefits!

 MBCI hybridoma technology exhibits several important advantages over competing technologies:

- Prior identity of cancer antigen(s) is not required for generating Mabs against these antigens. MBCI's approach to creating anti-cancer Mabs is unbiased and enhances the discovery of new cancer markers.

- Antigens are preserved in their natural conformations; the resulting Mabs are able to better recognize and bind more selectively to tumor cells.

- Unlimited quantities of antibodies produced against a selected cancer target. A large number of antibodies is the key factor for obtaining an antibody repertoire which would exhibit both tumor specificity and tumor "universality".


MBCI has successfully generated hybridoma libraries for three different cancers that produce, respectively, antibodies to melanoma, to an aggressive form of prostate cancer and to ovarian carcinoma. These antibodies have been shown to be specific and "universal" to each cancer respectively, i.e. they recognize every cancer from different individuals having that particular disease and do not react with any normal antigen tested so far. These Mabs are the first candidates for the development of novel diagnostic tools, imaging agents and drugs to treat the corresponding cancers.

MBCI's Market Potential and Opportunity is Unbelievable!

MBCI is already starting to get tremendous exposure and publicity. MBCI has already been featured in the September issue of GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News). You can read the article here-  http://www.genengnews.com/articles/chitem.aspx?aid=3022 It has also been featured in the BioWorld? Today, biotech?s most respected news source for over seventeen years and the  Biotechnology Focus, Canada's oldest and most successful magazine serving the Canadian life science industry! Check it out - http://www.bioscienceworld.ca/TumourSpecific%20MarkersTheHolyGrailofCancerDiagnostics

  Start your due diligence right away on MBCI and get ready for another HUGE winner to be added to our track record! Don't miss out on Monday!



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